The ICI Berlin maintains a highly qualified academic and administrative staff of diverse backgrounds to tend after its research projects, events, library collection, media, communication, and IT needs.

Associate Members

The associate members, a group of global scholars of a variety of disciplines, form an independent board supporting the Institute’s leadership, offering advice, expertise, and experience in all critical aspects of the intellectual profile, operation, and development of the ICI Berlin. They play a key role in conceiving of the Institute’s core projects, selecting fellows, and evaluating possible cooperations.


ICI Fellows are an international, multidisciplinary group of exceptional scholars invited to pursue their research at the Institute and advance the current core project of the ICI Berlin. They convene in a weekly colloquium and collaborate in varying constellations, giving contour to the core project’s crucial interventions, whether as workshop, discussion, conference, or publication.

ICI Fellowships are advertised every other year for a particular core project and applications can only be considered when received during the application period.


Postdoctoral scholars conducting externally funded research in Berlin whose projects have a strong relation to the current research focus of the ICI Berlin can apply for an affiliate fellowship that entitles them to regularly use the ICI Library and gives them an opportunity to organize events in collaboration with current stipendiary fellows.

Since 2013, the ICI Berlin also hosts two one-year fellows of the research programme ‘Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices’ under the auspices of the Forum Transregional Studies.