Corinna Haas is the academic librarian at the ICI Berlin. She supplies the Institute’s staff and fellows with literature, bibliographical information, audiovisual and other materials, and supports the publications of ICI Press. Corinna joined the newly-founded institute in 2007 and built up its library services.

She received her degree in Librarianship for Public Libraries at Stuttgart Media University and studied European ethnology, comparative literature, and library and information science in Berlin.

Her research interests include library ethnology with a focus on user studies. She is active in various professional networks and organizations and is involved in planning conferences and workshops. From 2016-19 she served as the managing chairwoman of the Berlin section of the German Library Association (dbv e.V.). Since 2019, she has been running the office of the Working Community of German Special Libraries (ASpB e.V.).

Selected Publications


Alltag in Berliner One-Person Libraries — ein kollektives Tagebuch. With Karin Aleksander, Christina Beckmann, Ute Czerwinski, … Libreas #33 (2018)
“Erwarte das Unerwartete”. Eindrücke von der Next Library Conference 2018 in Berlin. With Beate Detlefs. BuB 70.11 (2018), pp. 640-643
• ‘Bibliotheken sind mehr als Dritte Orte!’ BuB 67.7 (2015), pp. 440-443
Ist die Bibliothek ein Dritter Ort? Ein Seminarbericht. With Rudolf Mumenthaler, Karsten Schuldt. Informationspraxis 1.2 (2015)
‘Zwischen Participatory Design und lokaler Forschung. Ethnografie in drei neuen Methodenhandbüchern‘, Libreas #27 (2015)
• ‘Wozu Ethnografie in Bibliotheken?‘, Bibliothek Forschung und Praxis 38.2 (2014), pp. 185-189
Piraten und Kapitalisten denken eine globale digitale Bibliothek. Eindrücke von der „Complicity – Berliner Gazette Konferenz 2013“ . With Beate Rusch. Libreas #24.2013
‘“Spielen die jetzt Soziologen?”‘, 027.7 Zeitschrift für Bibliothekskultur 1.3 (2013) pp. 101-105

Co-edited volume
  • One Person Libraries Berlin. Zehn Jahre Arbeitskreis OPL Berlin Brandenburg, co-ed. with Jana Haase and Karin Aleksander, (Berlin, 2010)