Peter Rehberg received his PhD from New York University in Germanic Languages and Literatures. His thesis (Lachen Lesen. Zur Komik der Moderne bei Kafka, transcript 2007) approaches the question of laughter in Kafka as a textual phenomenon through the lens of literary theory and psychoanalysis. After graduating from NYU, he worked predominantly in the fields of queer theory, popular culture, and media studies. He has taught and researched at several universities in the US and Germany (Cornell, Northwestern, Brown, and Bonn). In addition to his academic work, he also published three novels (Play, Fag Love, Boymen), worked as an editor for queer magazines, and is a regular contributor to the weekly Der Freitag, where he writes on gender and US politics. Most recently, he was appointed DAAD Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Austin (2011-2016).

In 2016/17, during his time at the ICI Berlin, Peter Rehberg finished a book-length study entitled Hipster Porn: Queer Masculinities, Affective Sexualities, and New Media, looking at contemporary queer fanzines in the context of online pornography as a rearticulation of masculinity, desire, and queer sociality. The book will be published in the fall of 2017 with b_books. These theoretical, cultural, and political concerns also serve as points of departure for his next project on queerness and migration, which looks at both European and Arab masculinities as sites where politics, culture, and religion operate as restrictive forces. It seeks to open a dialogue between the analysis of contemporary masculinities as manifestations of symbolic and violent struggles and, following Jean-Luc Nancy and John Paul Ricco, an ontological understanding of sexuality beyond representation.