General Information

Postdoctoral fellows are invited from across the globe to spend two years at the Institute to pursue their individual projects in varied disciplines, but also to shape, advance, and probe the Institute’s core project in a weekly research colloquium as well as by collaboratively organizing workshops, symposia, and conferences. Fellowships are usually advertised every other year for a particular core project. Applications can only be considered when received during the application period.

ICI Core Project 2014-

Recognizing that a critique of ideals of productivity, success, goal-orientation, and determination is necessarily paradoxical, the project ERRANS will take the shifting meanings of erring – connoting the violation of norms as well as the activity of wandering – as a starting point to explore the critical potentials and risks of embracing error, randomness, failure, and non-teleological temporalities. The inquiry is intended to reach across different disciplines and discourses, relating not only to the knowledge of life, diaspora, or arts of failing, but also, for instance, to aesthetics, theories of play and games, or random-walk models in (finance) mathematics.

ICI Focus 2016-18
ERRANS, in Time

This two-year project ERRANS, in Time seeked to explore heterogeneous relations between discordant conceptions of time and temporality, and asked whether they can be understood as being ‘erratically’ structured, that is, as marked by inherent misapprehensions, by a dissonance that defies regulation, and by an unexpected variability. It is part of the ICI Core Project ERRANS, which began in September 2014, and connected to numerous events, including a lectures series, events co-organized by individual fellows, and a first joint presentation of the collaborative work in the workshop ‘Re-’.

ICI Focus 2018-20
ERRANS environ/s

The ICI Berlin research focus for 2018-20 ERRANS environ/s will investigate the ways in which an attention to environments can have the effect of dissolving boundaries or making them permeable, questioning clear-cut distinctions, undermining naive ontologies, decentring the subject, folding nature and culture, and producing complex political ecologies attuned to far-reaching entanglements.

The next ICI Fellowship announcement will be posted by mid November 2019 on this website, our newsletter and other mailinglists.


10 Sep 2018 – 14 Jul 2019
Term I

10 Sep – 14 Sep:   Orientation Week
17 Sep:   Term Begins
29 Oct – 4 Nov:   Break Week
7 Dec:   Term Ends

Term II

7 Jan:   Term Begins
11 Feb – 17 Feb:   Break Week
22 Mar:   Term Ends

Term III

23 Apr:   Term Begins
27 May – 2 Jun:   Break Week
5 Jul:   Term Ends
8 Jul – 12 Jul: Check Out Week


23 Sep 2019 – 17 Jul 2020
Term I

23 Sep:   Term Begins
4 Nov – 10 Nov:   Break Week
13 Dec:   Term Ends

Term II

13 Jan:   Term Begins
17 Feb – 23 Feb:   Break Week
27 Mar:   Term Ends

Term III

27 Apr:   Term Begins
1 Jun – 7 Jun:   Break Week
10 Jul:   Term Ends
13 Jul – 17 Jul:   Check Out Week