Laura Guy is a writer and curator. She teaches critical studies in the School of Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art and holds a PhD in art history from the Manchester School of Art. Her research on queer feminist art and photography has been published widely.

Recent and forthcoming essays include on the work of Sandra Lahire, Tessa Boffin, Zoe Leonard, Margaret Salmon, and Charlotte Prodger. She is editor of Phyllis Christopher, Dark Room: San Francisco Sex and Protest, 1988-2003 (Book Works, 2022) and co-editor with Glyn Davis of Queer Print in Europe (Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2022).

Other Printers
ICI Affiliated Project 2022

Other Printers conceptualises documentary image cultures that emerge in the context of transatlantic queer lesbian feminist community and politics from the 1970s onward. The project turns to the work of various photographers who made and shared images in close association with a network of feminist-run periodicals, workshops, darkrooms, and independent businesses, in both urban and rural centres.

Through conversation, long-term archival research, and unconventional approaches to writing art history, the project considers the contexts of production through which these image cultures and their surrounding meanings are made and shared. Doing so, it examines how witnessing through photographic means functions as a form of worldbuilding, one that happens between a scarcity of existing representations and the excesses of desire.