The work of the ICI Berlin is being documented in a variety of different publications. Videorecordings of events are being collected in the ICI Edition, accessible online and, more comprehensively, at the ICI Library.

This publications page documents monographs and edited volumes resulting from the individual work of ICI Fellows and other Institute members, collaborations among them, or conferences organized at the Institute.

Some of these publications are included in the book series ‘Cultural Inquiry’, published by Turia + Kant until 2019, when the series editors decided to continue the series online and strictly Open Access under the imprint ICI Berlin Press, with a print-on-demand option being made available globally.

Conversely, the book series ‘Cultural Inquiry’ includes and welcomes also other volumes related to the Institute’s profile.


An Errant Glossary
Luca Di Blasi


Beiträge zur Religion der Philosophie im 20. Jahrhundert

Aura und Experiment

Naturwissenschaft und Technik bei Walter Benjamin

Conatus und Lebensnot

Schlüsselbegriffe der Medienanthropologie

De/Constituting Wholes

Towards Partiality Without Parts