We are delighted to welcome you at the ICI Berlin. The well-being and health of our visitors has the highest priority. Therefore, please observe the following guidelines for your visit:

  • A prior registration is required to attend the events. Please submit your reservation request, using the form* on the dedicated event page
  • Couple seating: Visitors who may sit together include married couples or those in a civil union, members of the same household, and people with custody or visitation rights
  • Stay at home if you experience the common symptoms of COVID-19 or have had personal contact with someone confirmed as carrying COVID-19
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon your arrival and during your visit. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance and throughout the institute
  • It is mandatory to cover your mouth and nose with a mask anywhere indoors, except while sitting in your assigned seat
  • Maintain a safe physical distance of 1.5 metres (6 feet) or more
  • Cough and sneeze away from other people and into a tissue or your sleeve
  • Follow instructions provided by signs and staff at the institute

*The details from this form will be stored according to our privacy policy.