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The spacious research library of the ICI Berlin houses a collection reflecting the multidisciplinary research undertaken at the Institute in general, and the work on its core projects in particular. The staff of the ICI Library assists ICI researchers through media acquisition and by facilitating the use of Berlin’s many research libraries.

The library also houses the ICI Edition, a collection of its recordings of lectures, conferences, and other events hosted at or organized by the ICI Berlin.

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The media and book services of the ICI Library are primarily designed for researchers of the ICI Berlin. Guests are nevertheless very welcome to use our collection on site, including the event recordings of the ICI Edition.

Visitors are kindly requested to contact Corinna Haas via phone or E-mail prior to their visit and to bring an identity card.

Copies and scans in a small scale will be made upon request by the library staff (€ 0,10/page), larger amount of copies can be made off-site in exchange for a deposit.

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The ICI Staff as well as ICI Fellows have access to the ICI Library at all times. The library staff is present and ready to assist you on:

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Corinna Haas (Academic Librarian)
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Volume Coedited by Former ICI Fellow
Daniel Reeve and by Affiliated Fellow
Jonathan Morton

Throughout the Middle Ages, fictional frameworks could be used as imaginative spaces in which to test or play with ideas without asserting their truth. The volume Medieval Thought Experiments considers how intellectual problems where approached – if not necessarily resolved – through the kinds of hypothetical enquiry found in poetry and in other texts that employ fictional or imaginative strategies.

Book Publication by
Former Affiliated Fellow
Hila Amit
KV Queer Israelis in Berlin

In A Queer Way Out, Hila Amit explores the as-yet-untold story of queer Israeli emigrants. Drawing on extensive fieldwork in Berlin, London, and New York, she examines motivations for departure and feelings of unbelonging to the Israeli national collective.

Book Publication by
ICI Associate
Luca Di Blasi
Further talks to be announced.

Der »Westen« rückt immer deutlicher aus dem Zentrum einer Welt, die er über Jahrhunderte maßgeblich geprägt hat. Die »westliche Welt«, besonders Europa, treibt damit ironischerweise an die Peripherie einer »verwestlichten Welt«. Im Zuge dessen erleben wir eine Problematisierung säkularer Grundannahmen. Sie geht mit einer »Wiederkehr der Religion« einher, wodurch auch in der Philosophie des 20. Jahrhundert rückwirkend das verborgene Fortwirken religiöser Orientierungen sichtbarer wird. Diese »Religion der Philosophie« ist Gegenstand der Texte des vorliegenden Buches.