Welcome to the ICI Library! The ICI Library is a reference library to be used on site. We support the scholars of the ICI Berlin in their research by supplying them with the needed literature and bibliographical information. While we develop our collection in close connection with the collective research projects of the ICI Berlin, we use interlibrary loan services to make materials available that are needed by individual researchers.

The ICI Library is registered with the library code ISIL BE–1578 by the ISIL Agency of Germany, is a member of the GBV Common Library Network, the German Library Association (dbv e. V.), and of the Working Community of German Special Libraries (AspB e. V.)

It is a partner of the Specialized Information Service for Comparative Literature (SIS Comparative Literature/FID AVL) and supports the ICI’s publishing venture ICI Berlin Press.


The ICI Library houses a collection reflecting the multidisciplinary research undertaken at the Institute in general and the work on its core projects in particular, with a focus on research in cultural theory. The library also houses the ICI Edition, a collection of recordings of events organized at the ICI Berlin. All recordings published in the ICI Edition have an entry in the library catalogue, which contains a link to the video hosted on the ICI website. The library also archives the posters and flyers of ICI Events as well as press materials and literature reviews related to the ICI Berlin.

Public ICI Library Catalogue

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The holdings of the ICI Library are recorded in the local catalogue as well as in the Common Union Catalogue (GVK) of the Common Library Network (GBV), carrying call numbers and location information. Please note, however, that the catalogue does not give information about the status of individual items, since the ICI Library uses an internal lending system not connected to the publically accessible GVK catalogue. Please inquire with library staff if the desired title is presently available.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer regular use of the ICI Library to our guests. You are welcome, however, to visit us and use our holdings on site.  Please contact us in advance in order to make an appointment.


The library staff is present and ready to assist you on:

  • Mon 10:00 – 14:00
  • Tues 10:00 – 18:00
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  • Thurs (Homeoffice) 10:00 – 12:00

Christine Niehoff (Academic Librarian)
Tel: 473 7291-26

Saori Kanemaki (Library Assistant)
Tel.: 473 7291-29

Diacritics special issue edited by former fellow Facundo Vega (with Pedro Erber):
Heidegger Today?

For this special issue, consisting entirely of interviews and conversations, we invited scholars whose paths have crossed Heidegger’s legacies in various ways to reflect on the endurance and resonances, on the contemporaneity and possible futures of Heidegger’s project in today’s philosophical and political panorama.

Project Muse

Cover Diacritics
New Series edited by former fellow Damiano Sacco on the works of Emanuele Severino

This book series presents for the first time in the English language the translation of the works written by Emanuele Severino. The publication plan includes Severino’s theoretical volumes as well as his more interdisciplinary books, which will be of interest not only to philosophers, but also to readers of cultural and critical theory, the philosophy of religion and the philosophy of science.


New Publication by fellow Sam Dolbear:
Dissonant Waves - Ernst Schoen and Experimental Sound in the 20th Century

An investigation of the cultures and technologies of early radio and how a generation of cultural operators—with Schoen at the center—addressed crisis and adversity.

MIT Press