The Collection

The spacious research library of the ICI Berlin houses a collection reflecting the multidisciplinary research undertaken at the Institute in general, and the work on its core projects in particular. The staff of the ICI Library assists ICI researchers through media acquisition and by facilitating the use of Berlin’s many research libraries.

The library also houses the ICI Edition, a collection of its recordings of lectures, conferences, and other events hosted at or organized by the ICI Berlin.

The ICI Library’s collection of books and other media can be searched through its Public ICI Library Catalogue.


Information for Visitors

The media and book services of the ICI Library are primarily designed for researchers of the ICI Berlin. Guests are nevertheless very welcome to use our collection on site, including the event recordings of the ICI Edition.

Visitors are kindly requested to contact Corinna Haas via phone or E-mail prior to their visit and to bring an identity card.

Copies and scans in a small scale will be made upon request by the library staff (€ 0,10/page), larger amount of copies can be made off-site in exchange for a deposit.

Service Hours

The ICI Staff as well as ICI Fellows have access to the ICI Library at all times. The library staff is present and ready to assist you on:

  • Mon, Wed, Thurs 9:00 – 15:00
  • Tues 12:00 – 18:00

Corinna Haas (Academic Librarian)
Tel.: 473 7291-26

Library Assistant
Tel.: 473 7291-29

All Library Staff

New Book by ICI Fellow Francesco Giusti

Il desiderio della lirica. Poesia, creatione, conoscenza (Roma: Carocci, 2016)

Cover Giusti, Il desiderio della lirica

Giusti reconstructs the lyric as the performance, before the reader’s eyes, of an affective and cognitive process driven by a desire for comprehension and representation. Poetry thus becomes the embodiment of a desire at work, the very making of subjectivity, a way of knowing as letting the self be known.

New Book by ICI Fellow Cristina Baldacci

Archivi impossibili. Un’ossessione dell’arte contemporanea (Monza: Johan & Levi, 2016)

Publication archivi impossibili

Baldacci traces the complex history of today’s obsession with archival practices, outlining the different roles the archive has taken over time and its relevance to art as an atypical, even ‘impossible’ classificatory system.

New Book by Former ICI Affilated Fellow Hila Amit

Moving on from Bliss. 7 short stories (Tel Aviv: Am-Oved, 2016)

Publication Hila Amit