Recognizing that a critique of the ideals of productivity, success, goal-orientation, and determination is necessarily paradoxical, the ICI Core Project ERRANS takes the shifting and incompatible meanings of erring as a starting point to explore the critical potentials and risks of embracing error, randomness, failure, and non-teleological temporalities. The inquiry is intended to reach across different disciplines and discourses, relating not only to the knowledge of life, diaspora, or arts of failing, but also, for instance, to aesthetics, theories of play and games, or random-walk models in (finance) mathematics.

For a more detailed description of the project as it was initially conceived, see the Focus 2014–16: ERRANS. The Institute began sounding the project in 2014-16, moved to ERRANS, in Time in 2016-18 and to ERRANS environ/s in 2018-20.

The previous core project was Tension/Spannung (2007-14). It included foci on Kippbilder / Multistable FiguresComplementarityWholes Which Are Not One, and Constituting Wholes.