Cover Never Was
Daniel sits on a clifftop in the aftermath of a party at Fin's mansion, looking out over a junky sea. Daniel's not sure why they're there, or who Fin is, even though Fin seems to be somebody famous.
Publication Camering
Fernand Deligny, ‘a poet and ethologist’, is mostly known for his work with autistic children, and his influence on the revolutions in French post-war psychiatry. Though neither director, scriptwriter, historian of cinema nor a theorist of the image, cinema is constantly called into his social, pedagogical, and clinical experimentations.
'Denkraum der Besonnenheit’ names the constellations of methods, concept, forms of expression, and personal challenges that distinguish Aby Warburg’s research. It is the space of thinking and for thinking, a condition and a process — its method constantly threatened with the destruction of its confines.
The Science of Character makes a bold new claim for the power of the literary by showing how Victorian novelists used fiction to theorize how character forms.