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Given that visuality is as much part of all narration as the fact that we view images by reading them as though they were texts, I propose speaking about an uncanny encounter between the two. So as to illustrate this mutual implication, as well as bring in a thematics of the spectral, as Freud suggests all experiences of the uncanny entail, I will offer a cross-mapping between three different media at three different historical moments: A novella by the late Victorian author Charlotte Perkins Gilman, a series of photographs by the late modern photographer Francesca Woodman, and a film by the postmodern film maker Alejandro Amenábar.

Elisabeth Bronfen is Professor of English and American Studies at the University of Zurich. She did her PhD at the University of Munich, on literary space in the work of Dorothy M. Richardson’s novel Pilgrimage, as well as her habilitation, five years later. A specialist in the 19th and 20th century literature she has also written articles in the area of gender studies, psychoanalysis, film, cultural theory and art. The most recent publication is a book on the cultural configurations of the night: Tiefer als der Tag Gedacht. Eine Kulturgeschichte der Nacht, to be published in English by Columbia University Press. Current research projects include a book on Hollywood and War, an introduction to the writings of Stanley Cavell, and a book on Queen Elizabeth I. as the first diva.

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