Cover Buchanan
An illustrated examination of Beverly Buchanan's 1981 environmental sculpture, which exists in an ongoing state of ruination.
Cover Double Trouble
The strange brotherhood between art fairs and biennials, and other recurrent or mega exhibitions, continues to arose criticism but little attention in academic literature, despite the importance of such exhibition formats in the life cycle of art, artists, and anyone entering the art world.
Cover Same Old by Ben Nichols
Same old offers a rethinking of positions that have defined queer theory since its inception in the early 1990s. Steeped in philosophical and political commitments to 'difference', queer theoretical frameworks have tended to assume that ideas related to 'sameness' only thwart and stymie queer forms of life.
This book situates the work of the Soviet psychologist and neurologist Alexander Luria (1902–1977) in its historical context and explores the 'romantic' approach to scientific writing developed in his case histories.