ed. by Christoph F.E. Holzhey

Vienna: Turia + Kant, 2010

Tension appears in many contexts and carries diverse meanings. It tends to be viewed as something to be avoided and reduced in politics; to be explained, worked through, and resolved in therapy or science; to be endured and sustained in modern art; or to be sought after and enjoyed in popular culture. This volume brings together contributions from several academic and artistic fields in order to question the self-evidence of the deceptively simple term ‘tension’ and explore the possibility of productive transfers among different forms und understandings of tension. Refusing the temptation of a stabilizing synthesis, it establishes a dense web of approaches, providing a new critical paradigm for further inquiry.

Volume 1 of the series ‘Cultural Inquiry
with Turia + Kant
287pp, 32 EUR, ISBN 978-3-85132-616-1

Table of Contents

Christoph F.E. Holzhey: Tension In/Between Aesthetics, Politics, and Physics

1. Aesthetics
  • Sabine Arnaud: Tension and Narrative: Autobiographies of Illness and Therapeutic Legitimacy in Eighteenth-Century French and English Medical Works
  • Fabio Camilletti: Oblique Gazes: The Je Ne Sais Quoi and the Uncanny as Forms of Undecidability in Post-Enlightenment Aesthetics.
  • Rupert Gaderer: Strategies of Tension: A. Boissier’s Les amants électrisés par l’amour (1797)
  • Laura Taler: Kleist’s Puppet Theatre and the Art of Tango: Looking for the Back Door to Paradise
  • Laura Taler: ici uniglory, 2009: Installation
  • Siouxzi Mernagh: Disappear Here: Adventures in Subconscious Narrative Filmmaking
2. Politics
  • Bruno Besana: Tension on Tension: Some Considerations that Might Help to Produce an Increasingly Precise Understanding of a Problem which Has No Specific Object
  • Jean Terrier: On Social Forces: Tension as a Metaphor and the Image of Society
  • Martin Doll: The Topoi of Utopia: A Topology of Political Tensions
  • Antke Engel: Desiring Tension: Towards a Queer Politics of Paradox
  • Ozren Pupovac: The Violence of Form: Philosophical Remarks on Mazen Kerbaj’s Sound Piece Starry Night

Selected Bibliography
Notes on the Contributors