Whether as a theoretical topic of inquiry or as a methodological platform for conducting research and developing teaching tools and assessment, feminist materialisms re-imagine the classroom experience through interdisciplinary and transversal learning and teaching practices. This workshop brought together a group of scholars interested in making fruitful connections between theories and methodologies of feminist materialism, with the aim to extend these connections into a volume of the ‘Teaching with Gender Series’ published by AtGender. The focus of the workshop included clarification of what we understand by new/European feminist materialisms and material feminisms/pedagogies, as well as sharing the learning and teaching practices that we use and hope to develop in this context. Through this we aimed to make visible and palpable the materialities already at play in our (feminist) classrooms by taking into account the entangled human and more than human actors that emerge in pedagogical practice.

In English

Corinna Bath
Peta Hinton
Rachel Loewen Walker
Dagmar Lorenz-Meyer
Astrida Neimanis
Kathrin Thiele
Patricia Treusch
Iris van der Tuin

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An ICI Berlin event, organized by Peta Hinton

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