CATALYSTS – Somatic Resonance is an installation exhibition of somatic states from the work of Icelandic choreographer Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir. The exhibition is a choreography of mixed reality technologies, kinaesthetic algorithms, affects, archival material, and live bodies. Visitors are invited to download the CATALYSTS app to immerse themselves in the resonant states of the dancers informed by Guðjónsdóttir’s meditative de-conditioning practice ‘FULL DROP into the Body’. States of affective potential arise from awakening latent energies over time, across media and flesh, expanding what dance can be and how bodies can remember.

This work is created by an interdisciplinary team of artists and researchers and is an intervention in the tensions and potential of current digital cultures. It participates in ongoing discussions around the expanded choreographies of interconnectivity of mediated bodies, healing, feminism, notions of energetic citizenship, AI and the pathology of the wider social-political body within our bodies. Visitors to the exhibition carry the states from this choreographic exhibition outwards, like ripples in a collective somatic field.


24 February 2022

Opening Hours

Thursday (opening): 19:30 – 22:00
Friday: 20:30 – 22:00 (no pre-registration required)
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday: 13:00 -17:00 (no pre-registration required)

This exhibition can be viewed through an app that can be downloaded on your phone or iPad.


Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir in collaboration with Jeannette Ginslov, Susan Kozel, and Keith Lim

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, co-produced by Data Society Research Program of Malmö University, Inter Arts Center, ICI Berlin, Open Spaces Tanzfabrik Berlin, WUK performing arts


Concept, Choreography, author of performance works and somatic practice: Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir
Philosophy & Archival Concept: Susan Kozel
Editing, Video Creation for Tablet & Visual Concept: Jeannette Ginslov
AR/MR/AI Creation, Interactive Technologist: Keith Lim
Photos: Lasse Dahl, Jeannette Ginslov, David Kiers, Eva Schmidhuber
Original video footage: Jeannette Ginslov, Andrea Keiz, Eva Schmidhuber, Jens Sethzman, Antoine Verbièse
Printing of images: Magnus Denker
Original composed soundtracks: Peter Rehberg
Dancers in the archival video footage: Louise Dahl, Catherine Jodoin, Laura Siegmund, Angela Schubot, Marie Topp, Suet-Wan Tsang, Marie Ursin
Production management: Jill Emerson & Till Rothmund

KV Catalysts

Image credit © Jeannette Ginslov