Confronted with an arguably incomplete deconstruction of the notion of sovereignty, contemporary lines of thinking have turned to the anarchist tradition to evaluate the potential of theoretical approaches to political foundations — both in philosophy and in the humanities at large. As such it has been possible to draw from classical anarchist thinkers and find possibilities of dialogue concerning the critique of sovereign structures of power, the undoing of systemic violence, as well as the development of ideas of community and mutual aid. The aim of the conference Anarchē is to investigate the contemporary attempts at questioning the traditional concepts of philosophical and political foundations in order to rethink the central notion of ground or archē.

In English

Emily Apter
Bruno Bosteels
Susan Buck-Morss
Donatella di Cesare
Rebecca Comay
Simona Forti
Stathis Gourgouris
Claudia Hilb
Peter Szendy
Miguel Vatter

Keynote Lecture by Catherine Malabou

Organized by

Damiano Sacco and Facundo Vega

An ICI event in cooperation with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Berlino

How to attend
  • Video-meeting with the possibility of audiovisual participation (registration opens on 15 June 2021).

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