Thursday, 11 March 2021
17:00-18:15 (CET)
In English

Join Professor Leon Hilton (Brown University), Researcher Dr. Marlon Miguel (Centre for Philosophy of Science of the University of Lisbon) and doctoral students Julie Dind and Graham Bishop (Brown University) for a discussion of French educator, essayist, and filmmaker Fernand Deligny. Deligny’s work with psychotic and autistic children outside the traditional institutional spaces of the school and the asylum has much to teach us about contemporary challenges to education and the ‘new normal’. Topics will include the limits of human speech, disability and neurodiversity, the role of networked technologies in Deligny’s work, and the relationship between humans and the nonhuman world. The discussion is part of this year’s virtual French and Francophone Studies Colloquium.

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Image credit © ‘Wander Lines’, Monoblet, November 1976

Posted on 3 March 2021