Bielefeld: transcript, 2016

Political theory is currently marked by lively discussion, not least in response to changing social conditions. Brigitte Bargetz seizes on these current debates and puts forward a new direction of political thought using the concept of the everyday: Following Henri Lefebvre, Agnes Heller, and Lawrence Grossberg, she outlines a complex theory of everyday life that allows for a perception of the everyday as an ambivalent political battleground between domination and resistance, providing the starting point for a practical theory of politics beyond the state.

296pp., ISBN 978-3-8376-2539-4


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Table of Contents

I. Politik und Alltag: Von Gespenstern und wirklichen Menschen
II. Updating the Political
III. Alltag als Denkfigur
IV. Elemente einer kritischen politischen Theorie des Alltags
V. Das Politische alltagstheoretisch denken