17 October 2023
In English
Kino Arsenal Berlin

Domietta Torlasco’s short films ‘Garfield Park, USA’ and ‘House Arrest’ explore surveillance, imprisonment, and borders: borders between space and time, outside and inside, urban and rural. In ‘Garfield Park, USA’, the botanical garden represents the ’impossible‘ centre of a zone in the process of becoming annihilated. Stories intertwine around it, emanating from streets, from a church, from the history of film, and from a soundscape, opening up unexplored paths. In ‘Sunken Gardens’ plants appear as silent witnesses of the people – of the unemployed, the working poor, the disenfranchised middle-class – almost all of whom are confined to roadside motels in Florida. The film consists of interviews, staged readings, and static portraits. In House Arrest borders and domesticity collide in the inanimate objects of the Stasi Museum in Berlin. Sounds and voices from Hollywood film clips disrupt the continuum of history.

Sunken Gardens
(Domietta Torlasco, USA, 2016, OV, 19 min)
House Arrest
(Domietta Torlasco, USA, 2015 OV, 9 min)
Garfield Park, USA
(Domietta Torlasco, USA, 2021, OV, 33 min)

Followed by a conversation with Domietta Torlasco moderated by Clio Nicastro


GP Nina

Image Credit @ Domietta Torlasco: Still from Garfield Park, USA (2021)

Posted on 26 September 2023