Franziska Koch
Worlding Love, Gender, and Care
Shigeko Kubota’s ‘Sexual Healing’

Berlin: ICI Berlin Press, 2023
Series: Worlding Public Culture (wpc-ca-02)
ISBN 978-3-96558-060-2
Paperback | 10 EUR | vii, 63 pp. | 17.8 cm x 12.7 cm

Shigeko Kubota’s pioneering video Sexual Healing (1998) presents an ambivalent take on her disabled husband Nam June Paik in physical therapy. Accompanied by Marvin Gaye’s titular pop song, it considers love, sex, and care in old age within the much-debated field of Fluxus collaborations, and its ideal of working together as equals when fusing life and art. Worlding Love, Gender, and Care delves into the four decades of Kubota and Paik’s time together, reflects on feminist worlding, and investigates the vital contribution of female Fluxus artists to art history.

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Cover Worlding Love, Gender, and Care

Cover design: Studio Bens
Cover image: Video still of Shigeko Kubota’s Sexual Healing (1998), courtesy of the Estate of Shigeko Kubota.

Posted on 10 July 2023