The Works of Emanuele Severino
Series Editor: Giulio Goggi, Damiano Sacco, Ines Testoni

This book series presents for the first time in the English language the translation of the works written by Emanuele Severino. The publication plan includes Severino’s theoretical volumes as well as his more interdisciplinary books, which will be of interest not only to philosophers, but also to readers of cultural and critical theory, the philosophy of religion and the philosophy of science. The next volumes include: The Originary Structure, Tautótes, The Fundamental Tendency of our Times, The Destiny of Necessity: Katà tò Chreón.

Emanuele Severino (1929-2020) is increasingly recognised as one of the most significant and challenging thinkers of the twentieth century. Over the course of six decades, from La struttura originaria (1958) to Testimoniando il destino (2019), Severino developed a most original and untimely philosophical project, which attempts to think the relationship between nihilism and the tradition of the West, the incontrovertibility of the truth of being, the contradiction of becoming, the eternity of all beings.

Alongside the unfolding of a monumental theoretical apparatus, Severino’s work constitutes not only a continuous engagement with the main figures of Western philosophy, but also a truly interdisciplinary confrontation with some of the most timely (and untimely) questions of contemporary culture, religion and science — his thought standing, in the words of Italian philosopher Massimo Cacciari, as the only alternative to Martin Heidegger’s.

Image credit: Bloomsbury Press

Posted on 26 February 2024