Book Launch for Security and Human Rights, ed. by Benjamin Goold and Liora Lazarus (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2007), the evening before the commencement of the Law and Society annual joint meeting.

In the wake of the events of September 11th, the task of reconciling issues of security with a respect for fundamental human rights has emerged as one of the key challenges facing governments throughout the world. Although the issues raised by the rise of security have been the subject of considerable academic interest, to date much of the debate surrounding the impact of security on human rights has taken place within particular disciplinary confines. In contrast, this collection of essays from leading academics and practitioners in the fields of criminal justice, public law, international law, international relations, and legal philosophy offers a genuinely multidisciplinary perspective on the relationship between security and human rights. In addition to exploring how the demands of security might be reconciled with the desire to protect established rights, Security and Human Rights offers a fresh perspective on the broader legal and political challenges that lie ahead as states attempt to control crime, prevent terrorism, and protect their citizens.

In English

Benjamin J Goold is a Lecturer in Law and Fellow of Somerville College, University of Oxford.

Liora Lazarus is a Lecturer in Human Rights Law, a Fellow of St Anne’s College and Associate, Centre for Criminological Research, University of Oxford, and founding associated member of the ICI.

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