A digression, a not-coming-to-the-point opens the concrete to the unknown; simple shifts and interruptions lead to explorations of unforeseen realities. Digressions manifest themselves in many ways – as distraction, excursus, or detour – and are commonly deployed as a rhetorical or literary device, but also as associative parlando or political strategy. Digressions are supposed to render narrative accounts more accessible, provide access to remote areas, divert from the topic or argumentation, disturb the flow of storytelling, increase suspense, or delay the result. The question therefore becomes: what do digressions distract from? Is there a current, path, red thread, or direction to lose sight of?

The group exhibition Along The Lines focuses on the notion of digression in the visual realm, displaying artworks by Jochen Flinzer, Jenny Keuter, Axel Malik, and Patrick Vernon. Faint pencil traces, scribbled messages, despairing lines, stitched contours, and stretching threads will continue the reflections on digression and present themselves in space or on paper, ranging from the elusive and emblematic to the raptures of minimalism. The works, mostly pen, thread, and print, reveal the polysemic play of wandering lines, contours, and forms.


Jochen Flinzer
Jenny Keuter
Axel Malik
Patrick Vernon

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An ICI Berlin event, curated by Claudia Peppel

Wednesday, 13 January 2016, 18:00

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