About Events

The ICI Berlin is an independent, non-profit research centre. To accompany its ongoing research, it organizes public events on a wide range of topics and in different formats including lectures, performances, conferences, art events, and readings. It welcomes diverse audiences living in or passing through Berlin.

The ICI Core Project draws input from and is reflected in an accompanying lecture series. Other conferences and symposia represent collaborative initiatives of fellows and staff. Many more events are the product of cooperations with partner institutions and other research projects.

Indications for Visitors

All events are open to the public and are usually free of charge. For semi-public workshops prior registration might be requested. Reservations are not possible, the ICI Berlin asks for your understanding that doors will close if the room gets overcrowded. The Institute’s facilities are wheelchair-friendly but their navigation might require some assistance; please contact Event Management ahead of your visit.

ICI events are frequently recorded and made available within the ICI Edition later on; the audience’s consent is presumed; individual recordings are not allowed. Video documentation not available on the ICI website might be part of ICI Library holdings and can be found through its catalogue.

Lecture Series

Parallel to its ongoing research colloquium, the ICI Berlin organizes public events on a wide range of topics. Its core project draws input from and is reflected in an accompanying lecture series.

ERRANS environ/s 2018-19

If what begins already finds itself in the thick of it, in the midst of something else, and among others elsewhere, what emerges, in the middle, at this mid-place or mi-lieu, does not thereby constitute a centre. Without starting or end point, this middle is deprived of any frame or foundation. Rigorously un-centred, such an emergence does not even have a well-defined position: it is diffuse, scattered, vague, blurred. This errant dimension of the milieu registers in the word ‘environment’: The French en-viron/en-virons (from Old French viron: ‘round, circle’) signifies both (as an adverb) a measure of imprecision or estimation and (as a noun, mostly in the plural) a surrounding region.

There is hardly a discipline, field, or discourse within the natural and social sciences nor the humanities that hasn’t long been transformed by the notions of milieu, environment, or Umwelt. The ICI Lecture Series ‘ERRANS environ/s’ will contemplate aspects of this frequently divergent, potentially errant, and certainly ongoing transformation of not only the sciences or cultures of knowledge, but also cultural and artistic production at large. It will investigate the ways in which an attention to environments can have the effect of dissolving boundaries or making them permeable, questioning clear-cut distinctions, undermining naive ontologies, decentring the subject, folding nature and culture, and producing complex political ecologies attuned to far-reaching entanglements.