Tension/​SpannungVienna: Turia + Kant, 2010
Cite as: Siouxzi Mernagh, ‘Disappear Here: Adventures in Subconscious Narrative Filmmaking’, in Tension/​Spannung, ed. by Christoph F. E. Holzhey, Cultural Inquiry, 1 (Vienna: Turia + Kant, 2010), pp. 133–53 <https://doi.org/10.25620/ci-01_08>

Disappear HereAdventures in Subconscious Narrative FilmmakingSiouxzi Mernagh


This contribution consists of an explanatory introduction and extracts from recent fiction works, ‘White Tales’ (novel) and ‘Peep Show’ (novel in progress). Both fiction works explore the spiralling tensions between intensity and excess, desire and jouissance, via the structure and methodology pioneered in the author’s previous work with ‘subconscious narrative’ film. The result of this prior work was the 18-minute subconscious narrative film ‘The Dangers’, which explores an experimental narrative structure and is fascinated by the creation and sustenance of suspense, particularly when created with the notion of the uncanny in mind.

fiction, film, suspense, uncanncy