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On the Inconvenience of Other People

Lauren Berlant
Durham: Duke University Press, 2022

In On the Inconvenience of Other People Lauren Berlant continues to explore our affective engagement with the world. Berlant focuses on the encounter with and the desire for the bother of other people and objects, showing that to be driven toward attachment is to desire to be inconvenienced. Drawing on a range of sources, Berlant poses inconvenience as an affective relation and considers how we might loosen our attachments in ways that allow us to build new forms of life. Collecting strategies for breaking apart a world in need of disturbing, the book’s experiments in thought and writing cement Berlant’s status as one of the most inventive and influential thinkers of our time.


Unpaybale Debt

Denise de Ferreira da Silva
London: Sternberg Press, 2022

Unpayable Debt examines the relationships among coloniality, raciality, and global capital from a black feminist “poethical” perspective. Inspired by Octavia E. Butler's 1979 sci-fi novel Kindred, in which an African-American writer is transported back in time to the antebellum South to save her owner-ancestor, Unpayable Debt relates the notion of value to coloniality—both economic and ethical. Focusing on the philosophy behind value, Denise Ferreira da Silva exposes capital as the juridical architecture and ethical grammar of the world. Here, raciality—a symbol of coloniality—justifies deployments of total violence to enable expropriation and land extraction.


Modelwork : The Material Culture of Making and Knowing

Martin Brückner ; Sandy Isenstadt ; Sarah Wasserman (Editors)
Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2021

Whether looking inward to the intricacies of human anatomy or outward to the furthest recesses of the universe, expanding the boundaries of human inquiry depends to a surprisingly large degree on the making of models. In this wide-ranging volume, scholars from diverse fields examine the interrelationships between a model’s material foundations and the otherwise invisible things it gestures toward, underscoring the pivotal role of models in understanding and shaping the world around us. Whether in the form of reproductions, interpretive processes, or constitutive tools, models may bridge the gap between the tangible and the abstract.


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Thinking Home : Preliminary Reflections

Amina ElHalawani

Thinking about home is not a simple matter. While it may seem like we know exactly what it is, home remains an elusive category. While a house can be described as a structure that houses and shelters, a home is not only that. Home is also an idea and/or a feeling.
(Article published on the Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen Blog, 18 July 2022)