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Same Old

Same Old : Queer Theory, Literature and the Politics of Sameness

Ben Nichols
Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2022

Same Old offers a rethinking of positions that have defined queer theory since its inception in the early 1990s. Steeped in philosophical and political commitments to ‘difference’, queer theoretical frameworks have tended to assume that ideas related to ‘sameness’ only thwart and stymie queer forms of life. But this book takes a number of these ideas as its focus – uselessness, reproduction, normativity and reductionism – and reveals their unexpected formal and thematic importance to a range of queer literary genres from across the long twentieth century: fin-de-siècle aestheticism, feminist speculative fiction, lesbian middlebrow writing, and the ‘stud file’ or record of serial sex.


An Alphabet of Architectural Models

Olivia Horsfall Turner
London ; New York: Merrell, 2021

For thousands of years, architects have used models to invent, experiment and communicate. A world in miniature, such models are even more varied in their purposes and materials than their full-scale counterparts. This beautifully designed book explores the uniquely fascinating nature of the architectural model through 26 illustrated essays, one for each letter of the alphabet – from A for ‘Ancient’ (on the world’s oldest models) to Z for ‘Zoom’ (on the photography of models). 


Underdogs : Social Deviance and Queer Theory

Heather Love
Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2021

With Underdogs, Heather Love shows that queer theorists inherited as much from sociologists as they did from activists. Through theoretical and archival work, Love traces the connection between midcentury studies of deviance and the antinormative, antiessentialist field of queer theory. While sociologists saw deviance as an inevitable fact of social life, queer theorists embraced it as a rallying cry. A robust interdisciplinary history of the field, Underdogs stages a reencounter with the practices and communities that underwrite radical queer thought.


Model City

Donna Stonecipher
Bristol: Shearsman Books, 2015

Poetry. "MODEL CITY is built from a missing antecedent, an "it" as mysterious as it is familiar: What was it like? What was what like? One's life? The city from which one fled? The city to which one did so? Here, those old utopic dreams and social experiments collide with the age of excess information, leaving behind broken bits of experiences.


Reality Modeled After Images : Architecture and Aesthetics after the Digital Image

Michael Young
New York: Routledge, 2022

Reality Modeled After Images: Architecture and Aesthetics after the Digital Image explores architecture’s entanglement with contemporary image culture. It looks closely at how changes produced through technologies of mediation alter disciplinary concepts and produce political effects. Through both historical and contemporary examples, it focuses on how conventions of representation are established, maintained, challenged, and transformed.


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On Reenactment : Concepts, Methodologies, Tools

Christina Baldacci, Susanne Franco (Eds.)
Torino: Accademia University Press, 2022

This book brings together dance and visual arts scholars to investigate the key methodological and theoretical issues concerning reenactment. Along with becoming an effective and widespread contemporary artistic strategy, reenactment is taking shape as a new anti-positivist approach to the history of dance and art, undermining the notion of linear time and suggesting new temporal encounters between past, present, and future. As such, reenactment has contributed to a move towards different forms of historical thinking and understanding that embrace cultural studies – especially intertwining gender, postcolonial, and environmental issues – in the redefinition of knowledge, historical discourses, and memory.