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Laboured brChanges


Work’s Futures and Political Imaginaries

Symposium, 30 May 2024, 14:00 - 21:00

Recent scholarly and political debates revolve around the claim that the world of labour is close to a tipping point, at which work will cease to function both as the economic foundation of capitalist accumulation and as the condition of possibility for livelihood and meaning.

With Hadas Weiss, Prem Kumar Rajaram, and Ana Cecilia Dinerstein (online)
Keynote lecture by Biao Xiang

Organized by Alina-Sandra Cucu and Ruth Ramsden-Karelse

Public Livestream available
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Biao brXiang


Capitalism as Battles over Vital Forces

Lecture, 30 May 2024, 19:30

Adopting the Chinese concept shengminli or vital force (self-managed capacity to act, including responding to the environment and adjusting the self), Xiang will explore how feeling, attention, and human energy in general are exploited, and why love and care can be revolutionary.

Part of the symposium Laboured Changes

Public Livestream available
Registration required

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Queer brWaste


Symposium, 9 - 10 Jun 2024

The phrase ‘queer waste’ evokes a volley of disparate themes and images, ranging from queerness’ potential anti-reproductivity, to aesthetics that might be understood as trashy or campy, to panics about changes in gender or sex caused by the presence within ecosystems of toxicity and pollutants.

Organized by Mark Anthony Cayanan, Maria Dębińska, Moritz Gansen, Ruth Ramsden-Karelse, and Ben Woodard

An ICI Event in cooperation with diffrakt | centre for theoretical periphery

9 June 2024 diffract
10 June 2024 ICI Berlin

For the event at ICI Berlin: Registration required

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Kwame brEdwin Otu

Edwin Otu

Death as Queer Possibility: Waste and the Normativity of Life in Postcolonial Ghana

Lecture, 10 June 2024, 19:00

How might waste present insights into our understanding of life and death in the present context of the ‘postcolonial’ condition? By extension, can waste offer a map to understand the complexity of coloniality within the postcolonial state?

Part of the symposium Queer Waste

Public Livestream available
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Questions brConcerning Technics

Concerning Technics

Discussion, 18 June 2024, 19:00

Roundtable participants will reexamine the ideas of thinkers who have shaped, challenged, and extended our understandings of technics, including Walter Benjamin, Heidegger, Gilbert Simondon, Bernard Stiegler, and Sylvia Wynter.

With Nicholas Baer, Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky, Gertrud Koch, and Annie van den Oever

Moderated by Sulgi Lie

An ICI Event in cooperation with the University of California, Berkeley and Amsterdam University Press

Public Livestream available
Registration will open on 4 June 2024

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Ecological Perspectives bron the Nexus Rerum

Ecological Perspectives
on the Nexus Rerum

Workshop, 20 - 21 June 2024

This workshop will excavate the deep history of the nexus rerum, in the conviction that it represents not only a desideratum within the field of German Studies, but has the potential to contribute to contemporary transdisciplinary debates on ecocriticism and the environmental humanities: to theories of intersubjective interdependence, characterizations of the human/nature divide, and ecosocialist discussions of the 'metabolic rift.' 

Organized by Ross Shields, Alexandra Heimes, and Johannes Wankhammer

An ICI Event in cooperation with Princeton University and the Leibniz-Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung (ZfL)

Please contact if you would like to register. Only a few spaces are available and those who are interested in joining should enclose a brief CV.

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Gibson brNcube


The Filmed Body as a Model of Understanding African Queer Lived Experiences

Lecture, 24 Jun 2024, 19:30

Gibson Ncube explores queer lived experiences in Africa through the lens of the body in films. The body in films is a powerful model for understanding the complexities of identity, desire, and gender within diverse African communities.

Part of the ICI Lecture Series Models

Public Livestream available
Registration will open on 11 June 2024

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Acedia, brInertia, Latency

Inertia, Latency

Resistance to Acceleration

Discussion, 26 Jun 2024, 19:00

Resistance to acceleration ranges from a booming disconnectivity industry to reactionary criticism of modernity, from the inertia of institutions to the persistence of habitus, emotions, mentalities, and values, from temporalities of waiting and hesitation, nostalgia and remembrance to the relationship between ‘life time and world time’ (Blumenberg).

With Omer Fast and Ute Holl
Moderated by Fred Turner

Organized by the Centre for Digital Cultures of Leuphana University Lüneburg in cooperation with the ICI Berlin, in conjunction with the Stanford-Leuphana Summer Academy 2024

Public Livestream available
Registration will open on 11 June 2024

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Citizens of brthe Cosmos

Citizens of
the Cosmos

Citizens of
the Cosmos
Psychoanalysis in brTranslation

Psychoanalysis in

A Global Conversation
Kathrin brMaurer


The Sensorium of the Drone and the Modeling of Communities