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Spring Recess 2024

Spring Recess 2024

1 – 29 April 2024

The ICI Berlin will be in spring recess from 1 April onwards.

We will resume our public activities on 29 April and look forward to the upcoming events starting end of April.

Kathrin brMaurer


The Sensorium of the Drone and the Modeling of Communities

Lecture, 29 Apr 2024, 19:30

As sensorial machine-human assemblages, drones are involved with cultural affects, technological materialities, and political discourses. Hence drones are not just technical instruments; they are interconnected with discourse. This talk will trace the world-making powers of drone technology in order to address how the sensorium of the drone can work as a model for imagining communities.

Part of the ICI Lecture Series Models 2023-24

Public Livestream available
At the venue: Registration will open on 16 Apr 2024

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Psychoanalysis in brTranslation

Psychoanalysis in

A Global Conversation

Conference, 2–3 May 2024

The advent of psychoanalysis has led to profound transformations in the understanding of subjectivity in the Western world and beyond. This conference aims to explore the potentials of writing a history of psychoanalysis from a global perspective through a comparative study of its politics of translation. 

Organized by Elizabeth Lunbeck, Andreas Mayer, and Romain Tiquet
A Centre Marc Bloch event as part of the ERC-funded programme MaDAf in cooperation with the ICI Berlin

At the venue: Registration will open on 16 Apr 2024

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Citizens of brthe Cosmos

Citizens of
the Cosmos

Screening and Discussion, 7 May 2024, 19:00

Cosmism was an interdisciplinary movement intertwining Marxist discourse, Orthodox Christianity, Enlightenment thought, and Eastern philosophical traditions, advancing speculative models of international socialism, the quest for immortality, and the potential for resurrection through technological means in an imagined not so distant future.

The discussion will be complemented by a screening of Gilgamesh: She Who Saw the Deep (2022, 47′, directed by Anton Vidokle and Pelin Tan). 

With Boris Groys and Anton Vidokle
In conversation with Marietta Kesting and Elena Vogman

Organized by Elena Vogman and Marietta Kesting
An ICI Berlin Event in cooperation with the research project ‘Madness, Media, Milieus. Reconfiguring the Humanities in Postwar Europe’ (Volkswagen Stiftung/Bauhaus-Universität Weimar)

At the venue: Registration will open on 23 Apr 2024

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Drag! brQueer Crossings in Global Contexts

Queer Crossings in Global Contexts

Symposium, 13 May 2024, 10:30

In the wake of the drag boom, questions of what drag performance is and does are increasingly relevant. Such questions might lead to diverse understandings of drag, including as a queer and/or trans way of doing things, a method of critique, a form of activism, and an art form with a rich legacy of deconstructing and challenging dominant norms and systems of oppression.

Organized by B Camminga, Tunay Altay, Özgün Eylül İşcen, and Ruth Ramsden-Karelse

At the venue: Registration will open on 30 Apr 2024

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Kareem brKhubchandani


Divas, Drag Queens, Aunties, and Other Academic Personas

Lecture, 13 May 2024, 19:00

Tracing his trajectory across three intellectual projects — one on queer Indian nightlife, the second on drag performance, and the most recent on the figure of the aunty in South Asian public culture —Kareem Khubchandani explores co-constitutive relationships between research, teaching, and artistry.

Part of the symposium Drag! Queer Crossings in Global Contexts

At the venue: Registration will open on 30 Apr 2024

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Theorization and brthe Global South

Theorization and
the Global South

Berlin Notes

Book Presentation and Discussion, 16 May 2024, 19:00

Critiquing the colonialist, imperialist, and Eurocentric perspectives that have historically impacted knowledge production about the so-called Global South, the discussion will delve into a reflection on the historical and geopolitical inequalities that have shaped theorization. The recently published volume, Displacing Theory Through the Global South, a collection of essays by Berlin-based scholars, edited by Iracema Dulley and Özgün Eylül İşcen, proposes a commitment to expanding notions of universality, making theorization not only relevant and generative, but ultimately, transformative.

Public Livestream available
At the venue: Registration will open on 30 Apr 2024

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KV Inactivity


Between Aesthetic Practice and Sociopolitical Challenge

11–12 July 2024
In English

Organized by Oliver Aas, Hana Gründler, Antje Kempe, and Barbara Kristina Murovec

This workshop responds to today's age of hyperactivity and 24/7 accessibility by examining practices of inaction, both old and new. Encouraging a broad approach to 'inactivity' — which is re-emerging as a key aesthetic and epistemological term for the twentieth-century — the workshop looks at and problematizes a variety of its modes, including the seemingly good (reflection), bad (passivity), and questionable (withdrawal).

The organizers thus invite scholars from art history, philosophy, sociology, literature, and related fields, and those who work in different geographical areas, to present a short talk of about 25 minutes (followed by a discussion).

A workshop of the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz – Max-Planck-Institute, Research Group ‘Ethico-Aesthetics of the Visual’ and University Greifswald, Interdisciplinary Centre for Baltic Sea Region Research, in cooperation with the ICI Berlin

The submission deadline is 7 April 2024.

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Disruption, brTechnique, World

Technique, World

Thinking the Present with Jean-Luc Nancy
Trails brand Ruins

and Ruins

Poetry and Poetics of Place
Jeanne brWolff Bernstein

Wolff Bernstein

The Return of the Past in the Present: The Work of Edouard Manet