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Gender brWithout Identity

Without Identity

Discussion, 19 Jan 2024, 19:00

Based on an award-winning article that was censored before it could be published, Gender Without Identity — the text about which this evening’s discussion will revolve — offers a revolutionary new psychoanalytic theory of gender. 

With Ann Pellegrini and Avgi Saketopoulou
Moderated by Marta Aleksandrowicz and Ruth Ramsden-Karelse

Livestream available
At the venue: Registration required 
Victor brStoichiță


The Nervous Statue

Lecture, 22 Jan 2024, 19:30

Eighteenth-century art and literature developed a veritable passion for the myth of Pygmalion. The revival of the Ovidian myth of the living statue served to call into question the divine nature of human creation. Since an artist can bring a statue to life, life is no longer God’s prerogative.

Part of the ICI Lecture Series Models 2023 – 24

Livestream available
At the venue: Registration required

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Trails brand Ruins

and Ruins

Poetry and Poetics of Place

Reading and Discussion, 7 Feb 2024, 19:00

This event features poets whose disparate thematic preoccupations and formal proclivities constellate around matters of place. Spanning three languages, the poems to be showcased, when read collectively, conjure up a variety of affective states that inform the poetic subject’s immersion in location and their experiences of relocation and dislocation.

With Johannes Heldén, Jaya Jacobo, and Donna Stonecipher

Organized by Mark Anthony Cayanan

Livestream available
At the venue: Registration will open on 24 Jan 2024

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A Novel brWithout A World

A Novel
Without A World

Reading and Discussion, 15 Feb 2024, 19:30

Novels make and sustain worlds, systems of meaning, consistency, and plausibility. By doing so, they extend a domain of intelligibility, referentiality, and possibility. What would it mean, then, to imagine a novel without a world?

With Gareth Gavin, Bobby Benedicto, and Daniel Colucciello Barber

An ICI Event  in cooperation with the Centre for New Writing

Livestream available
At the venue: Registration will open on 1 Feb 2024

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Leigh brRaiford


When Home is a Photograph: Kathleen Cleaver's Albums of Exile

Lecture, 26 Feb 2024, 19:30

This talk examines how former Black Panther Party Communications Secretary Kathleen Neal Cleaver has used photography to make ’home‘ in the world.  Raiford considers the everyday image making practices that a public figure committed to improving the conditions of Black lives globally has engaged to imagine, identify, create, fabulate, inhabit, leave and, sometimes, destroy ‘home‘.

Part of the ICI Lecture Series Models 2023 – 24

An ICI Event in cooperation with the American Academy in Berlin

Livestream available
At the venue: Registration will open on 12 Feb 2024

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Disruption, brTechnique, World

Technique, World

Thinking the Present with Jean-Luc Nancy

Conference, 29 Feb – 1 Mar 2024, 9:30 – 21:00

The present time is one of general disruption, in which crisis is the normal state of affairs. In a situation characterized by climate catastrophe, pandemic, war, interruptions to supply chains, and contestations of democracy, the modern Western categories of ‘progress’ and ‘History’ implode. With Jean-Luc Nancy’s work as the point of departure, the hope of this conference is to re-think the present and the present status of world.

Organized by Erich Hörl, Susanna Lindberg, Donovan Stewart, Marita Tatari
A Leuphana Universität Lüneburg event in cooperation with ICI Berlin

At the venue: Registration will open on 15 Feb 2024

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KV Shifting Natures


Symposium, 14 – 15 March 2024

The very concept of nature has been the subject of thorough critique for quite a while. From a Western deconstructive perspective, nature is a signifier standing for naive immediacy or reactionary normativity. Poststructuralist and queer paradigms have shifted from an idea of nature as a being and of the natural as a given to a conception of them as effects of discursive, performative practices. These critiques marked a turning point in the centuries-long debate on the concept of nature, pluralizing and de-essentializing it — hence, shifting natures.

Organized by Federica Buongiorno, Alberica Bazzoni, and Xenia Chiaramonte

Abstracts of 200 words for 15 minutes contributions addressing the question of Shifting Natures in one the three sections – Environment, AI, or Gender – should be sent to

Deadline: 28 January 2024
Acting brOut


Cuban Artists Challenge to the State
Ankhi brMukherjee


Unseen City: The Psychic Lives of the Urban Poor


World Picture Conference