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Summer Recess 23

Recess 2023

17 Jul – 10 Sep 2023

We thank our fellows, staff, associates, cooperation partners and all the friends of the ICI Berlin and wish everyone a pleasant summer and a relaxing break. We will resume our public activities after the beginning of the new academic year on 11 September.

Upcoming Events
Coding brUtopias


Symposium, 28-29 Sep 2023

This symposium draws on the notion of coding, which is deployed in multiple areas ranging from genetic coding and cybernetics to politics and art, and understands it as a mode of languaging that aims at engineering futures.

Organized by Marta Aleksandrowicz (ICI Berlin), Michela Coletta (ICI Berlin / FU Berlin / University of Warwick), Sarath Jakka (ICI Berlin / ISRF), Ben Woodard (ICI Berlin)

An ICI Berlin event organized in collaboration with the Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut at Freie Universität Berlin and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

Please see the Call for Papers
Deadline 17 July 2023

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Spatial Figures brin the Anthropocene

Spatial Figures
in the Anthropocene

Symposium, 5-6 October 2023

Engagement with the planetary and its crises has led to the emergence of radical challenges to conventional analytical distinctions between global and local. This symposium explores how the concept and reality of the Anthropocene disfigures and refigures four key spatial figures of Western modernity: the place, the territory, the network, and the route.

Organized by the Collaborative Research Center 'Re-Figuration of Spaces' (SFB 1265) in collaboration with the ICI Berlin 

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Making and brBreaking Models

Making and
Breaking Models

Workshop, 16-17 Oct 2023

This workshop will focus on how the meaning of models changes as it travels between different domains, and on how a given model is constructed and broken depending on how tightly it is bound to its reference. Opposing the idea that models are mere representations, contributions will inquire into their generative properties: to make a model involves abstractions and idealizations that can have very real effects in its target system. Likewise, to break a model often leads to novel theoretical insights, revealing hidden presuppositions and opening up the possibility of making, and breaking, again.

Organized by current ICI Fellow cohort

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Amelia brJones


Performing Absence as Intervention: The Case of Lee Lozano


Animal Fantasies between Art and Madness


Stella do Patrocínio´s Chatter