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The Future brof the Studio

The Future
of the Studio

From a Female Artists’ Perspective

Discussion, 18 Jan 2023, 19:00

Artists’ studios have emerged throughout time as spaces that are not only real but also imaginary (e.g., today the virtual space of a computer). With the change of artistic idioms and practices, studios have evolved from spaces in which one can think and create in solitude to dynamic environments for (collective) production, social interaction, and the presentation of works along with their storage, possibly in a well-organized archive. This event is particularly concerned with the gendered coding of the studio. Is the studio still a gendered place and, if yes, what kind of frame does it provide for female artists today?

With Marysia Lewandowska and Alice Pedroletti

moderated by Cristina Baldacci and Claudia Peppel

Organized by Dorothea Schöne, Claudia Peppel, and Jakob Schillinger. Kunsthaus Dahlem in cooperation with ICI Berlin

Part of the lecture series The Artist’s Space Situating the Studio Today

Livestream available
In-person: Registration required

Tarja brKnuuttila


Surrogate Reasoning: 
An Artefactual Approach

Online Lecture, 23 Jan 2023, 19:30

Scientific practice revolves around an amazing variety of constructed objects rendered by different representational tools and media. These objects enable inferences concerning the natural and social phenomena in which scientists are interested. Philosophical discussion has approached the epistemic uses of such artefacts in terms of surrogate reasoning.

Part of the ICI lecture series Models

Livestream available
Screening of the online lecture at the venue: Registration required

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KV Cultures of Scandal

Cultures of

Conference, 26-27 Jan 2023, 15:00 - 21:00

What do the strategies of denouncement and mobilization aim to produce or destroy? What are they manifestations of? How do these campaigns impact practitioners and institutions and what can they generate?

Organized by Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC
In collaboration with the ICI Berlin and in partnership with EUME/Forum Transregionale Studien

Curated by Tarek El-Ariss and Rasha Salti

In-person: Registration required

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Kader brAttia


The Deep State of Iconocide

Lecture, 27 Jan 2023, 19:30 

Investigating the processes by which images lapse from the field of visibility, Attia reflects on hypervisibility as a strategy of blinding and erasing. Drawing on Algerian psychoanalyst Karima Lazali’s work around erasure, Attia will explore further how the Deep State (effectively the imperial machine) is able to perversely mobilize bureaucrats as well as citizens in erasing visual traces of crimes it has committed.

Part of the Conference Cultures of Scandal

In-person: Registration required

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Joachim brKüchenhoff


Klimawandel: Psychoanalytischer Versuch über die Schwierigkeit nein zu sagen
Marabr Mills


‘Everything is a Filter’?
The Vampire bras Model

The Vampire
as Model

On the Culture of B-Genres