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The ICI Berlin Press newsletter focuses on news and highlights from the publishing house. These include the latest releases and upcoming books, as well as providing access to the back catalogue of ICI Berlin Press.


Cover Kishik

Self Study

Notes on the Schizoid Condition

by David Kishik
ICI Berlin Press, 2023

Self Study is a genre-bending work of autophilosophy. It opens a rare, rear window into the schizoid position of self-sufficient withdrawal and impassive indifference. This inability to be enriched by outer experiences feeds the relentless suspicion that hell is other people. Laying bare his life and work, Kishik engages with psychoanalysis, philosophy, and cultural inquiry to trace loneliness across the history of thought, leading to today’s shut-in society and the autonomous subject of liberal capitalism.

Paperback 12 €

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Cultural Inquiry
The series ‘Cultural Inquiry’ is dedicated to exploring how diverse cultures can be brought into fruitful rather than pernicious confrontation.
Cover War Torn

War-torn Ecologies, An-Archic Fragments: Reflections from the Middle East

ed. by Umut Yıldırım
Cultural Inquiry, 27
ICI Berlin Press, 2023

This volume identifies a conceptual intersection between war, affect, and ecology from the Middle East. It creates a counter archive of texts by ethnographers and artists, and enables divergent worlds to share a conversation through the crevices of mass violence across species. Delving into vital encounters with mulberry trees, wild medicinal plants, jinns, and goats, as well as bleaker experiences with toxic war materials like landmines, this volume expands an ecological sensorium that works through displacement, memory, endurance, and praxis.

Paperback 19 €
Hardcover 36 €

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cover_ci_26 copy

Untying the Mother Tongue

ed. by Antonio Castore and Federico Dal Bo
Cultural Inquiry, 26
ICI Berlin Press, 2023

Untying the Mother Tongue explores what it might mean today to speak of someone's attachment to a particular, primary language. Traditional conceptions of mother tongue are often seen as an expression of the ideology of a European nation-state. Yet, current celebrations of multilingualism reflect the recent demands of global capitalism, raising other challenges. The contributions from international scholars on literature, philosophy, and culture, analyze and problematize the concept of ‘mother tongue’, rethinking affective and cognitive attachments to language while deconstructing its metaphysical, capitalist, and colonialist presuppositions.

Paperback 15 €
Hardcover 30 €

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Worlding Public Cultures
The new series ‘Worlding Public Cultures’ aims to investigate the global dimensions of contemporary culture through the concept of ‘worlding’, an understanding of the world generated through continuous processes of world-making. The series will be comprised of numerous further volumes released over the next two years, with four different categories that include ‘Troubling Public Cultures: Case Studies’, ‘WPC Academies’, 'Companions for Thinking and Doing: Practice’, and ‘Worlding Ideas’.
Cover Worlding Love, Gender, and Care

Worlding Love, Gender, and Care

Shigeko Kubota’s Sexual Healing

by Franziska Koch
Worlding Public Cultures
ICI Berlin Press, 2023

Shigeko Kubota’s pioneering video Sexual Healing (1998) presents an ambivalent take on her disabled husband Nam June Paik in physical therapy. Accompanied by Marvin Gaye’s titular pop song, it considers love, sex, and care in old age within the much-debated field of Fluxus collaborations, and its ideal of working together as equals when fusing life and art. Worlding Love, Gender, and Care delves into the four decades of Kubota and Paik’s time together, reflects on feminist worlding, and investigates the vital contribution of female Fluxus artists to art history.

Paperback 10 €

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Ulysses, Dante, and Other Stories

by Elena Lombardi
Cultural Inquiry, 28
ICI Berlin Press, 2023

Ulysses, Dante, and Other Stories presents a unique form of creative scholarship. It employs Dante’s late medieval take on Ulysses and his tragic pursuit of ‘virtue and knowledge’ as a prism that refracts an ancient myth of journey and return into a modern story of discovery and nostalgia. Working notes, fragments from Ulysses’ many stories, personal memories, illuminations, and rewritings combine to form a new chain of narratives about the desire to create, the art of travelling, and the will of self-reinvention.

Paperback 17 €
Hardcover 44 €

Publication date: 31 October 2023

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Climbing Aboard

Havana Apartment-Galleries and International Art Circuits

by Analays Alvarez Hernandez
Worlding Public Cultures
ICI Berlin Press, 2023

Havana’s apartment-galleries have been vital venues for the city’s art scene since the 1990s, hosting art exhibitions, workshops, and conferences. In the context of Cuba’s limited art market and dearth of cultural institutions with international reach, these residential spaces have offered artists a unique opportunity to display their work and to connect with international art circuits. Focusing on the histories of three specific apartment-galleries — El Apartamento, Estudio Figueroa-Vives, and Avecez Art Space — this chapbook reflects on the complex interplay of the local and the global in the ‘worlding’ of cultural institutions.

Paperback 10 €

Publication date: 30 November 2023

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Book Presentation Self Study

Self Study

Maggie Nelson in Conversation with David Kishik

David Kishik read from his book, followed by a conversation with Maggie Nelson and a Q&A with the audience.




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