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Juliet brMitchell


Fratriarchy and Sisterhood: Shakespeare and Psychoanalysis

Online Lecture, 17 Jan 2023, 20:00

Simone de Beauvoir considered that fratriarchy could bring about the liberation of women; feminism’s politicization of ‘sisterhood’ has revealed that this is far from the case. Freud’s Totem and Taboo can be re-examined to understand the sibling origin of the sexual violence of social brothers against social sisters.

Part of the lecture series  Psychoanalytische Kulturwissenschaft 

The lecture series is a cooperation of the Berlin Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (BiPP), the Cultural Science Institute of the Humboldt University Berlin, the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU), and the ICI Berlin, organized by Wilhelm Brüggen (BIPP), Monika Englisch (BIPP) and Andreas Gehrlach (HU Berlin), funded by Friedrich Stiftung Hanover.

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KV The Future of the Studio

The Future
of the Studio

From a Female Artists’ Perspective

Discussion, 18 Jan 2023, 19:00

This event is particularly concerned with the gendered coding of the studio. Is the studio still a gendered place and, if yes, what kind of frame does it provide for female artists today?

With Marysia Lewandowska
moderated by Cristina Baldacci and Claudia Peppel

Organized by Dorothea Schöne, Claudia Peppel, and Jakob Schillinger. Kunsthaus Dahlem in cooperation with ICI Berlin

Part of the lecture series The Artist’s Space Situating the Studio Today

Livestream available
In-person: Registration will open on 9 Jan 2023

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Tarja brKnuuttila


Surrogate Reasoning: 
An Artefactual Approach

Lecture, 23 Jan 2023, 19:30

Scientific practice revolves around an amazing variety of constructed objects rendered by different representational tools and media. These objects enable inferences concerning the natural and social phenomena in which scientists are interested. Philosophical discussion has approached the epistemic uses of such artefacts in terms of surrogate reasoning.

Part of the ICI lecture series Models

Livestream available
In-person: Registration will open on 9 Jan 2023

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Başak brŞenova


mit einer Gruppe von Grafikdesigner*innen im KHD

Discussion, 12 Jan 2023, 18:00

Kunsthaus Dahlem
Käutzchensteig 8
14195 Berlin – Dahlem

Anlässlich der Ausstellung Erich Buchholz – Die Kunstgeschichte ist eine einzige Fälschung organisiert das Kunsthaus Dahlem in Kooperation mit dem ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry eine Vortrags- und Diskussionsreihe, die aus verschiedenen Perspektiven der Frage nach dem Künstler*innen-Atelier im 21. Jahrhundert nachgeht.

Teil der Lecture Series The Artist’s Space Situating the Studio Today

Organized by Kunsthaus Dahlem and ICI Berlin

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Marabr Mills


‘Everything is a Filter’?
Sarah brEl Bulbeisi

El Bulbeisi

Trauma und Tabu
The Vampire bras Model

The Vampire
as Model

On the Culture of B-Genres