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The Case for 

The Case for 


Book Presentation & Discussion,
28 Oct 2022, 19:00

The ICI Berlin with its 2020-22 cohort of fellows is pleased to present the first publication to come out of its core project ‘Reduction’, launched in autumn 2020. The Case for Reduction suspends anti-reductionist reflexes to focus on the experiences and practices of different kinds of reduction within and across different fields and approaches — from the sciences, technology, and the arts, to feminist, queer, and decolonial approaches.

With Sabine Mainberger, Alberica Bazzoni, Christopher Chamberlin, Iracema Dulley, Christoph Holzhey, and Jakob Schillinger

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Aktivismus und brWissenschaft heute

Aktivismus und
Wissenschaft heute

Mit Armin Nassehi und Eva von Redecker

Discussion, 27 Oct 2022, 19:30

Unfortunately the venue is fully booked.
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The Vampire bras Model

The Vampire
as Model

On the Culture of B-Genres

Screening & Discussion, 10 Nov 2022, 19:00

The film 'Memoirs of a Vampire' Professor (Laurence Rickels, 2022, 25 min) remasters documentary footage of two sessions of Rickels’s legendary vampirism class at UC Santa Barbara, and intersperses the in-class analysis with scenes and outtakes from 'Spout' (Alex Munoz’s short film based on the screenplay by Rickels).

Laurence Rickels and James Burton will discuss the film and Rickels’ ongoing reading of undeath, in particular with regard to vampirism’s interface or face-off with zombieism, and the contest between SF and fantasy B-genres.

With James Burton and Laurence A. Rickels

Livestream available
In-person: Registration will open on 1 Nov 2022

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Sarah brEl Bulbeisi

El Bulbeisi

Trauma und Tabu: Palästinenser*Innen in Deutschland und der Schweiz

Lecture, 15 Nov 2022, 20:00

Der Vortrag setzt sich mit den Spuren auseinander, die die Tabuisierung der Gewalterfahrung in Eltern-Kind-Beziehungen und Lebenswelten von Palästinenser*innen verschiedener Generationen in Deutschland und in der Schweiz hinterlässt.

Part of the lecture series Psychoanalytische Kulturwissenschaft 

Eine Kooperation des Berliner Institut für Psychotherapie und Psychoanalyse (BiPP), des kulturwissenschaftlichen Instituts der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, der International Psychoanalytic University (IPU) und des ICI Berlin, organisiert von Wilhelm Brüggen (BIPP), Monika Englisch (BIPP) und Andreas Gehrlach (HU Berlin), gefördert von der Friedrich Stiftung Hannover

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In-person: Registrierung öffnet am 1. Nov 2022

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KV Mills


‘Everything is a Filter’? The Electrical Filter Becomes Tool and Model 

Lecture, 28 Nov 2022, 19:30

A key proposition of computer music and signal processing is that ‘everything’s a filter’. The human throat, a musical instrument, an algorithm — anything, to paraphrase Julius Smith, that modifies sound in some way. Filtering is also considered a central cultural technique within media studies.

Part of the ICI Lecture Series Models

Livestream available
In-person: Registration will open on 15 Nov 2022

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The Case for Reduction

The Case for Reduction

ed. by Christoph F. E. Holzhey Jakob Schillinger

Cultural Inquiry, 25
Berlin: ICI Berlin Press, 2022

Open Access

Critical discourse hardly knows a more devastating charge against theories, technologies, or structures than that of being reductive. Yet, expansion and growth cannot fare any better today. This volume suspends anti-reductionist reflexes to focus on the experiences and practices of different kinds of reduction, their generative potentials, ethics, and politics. Can their violences be contained and their benefits transported to other contexts?

Print version (Paperback) 16 €
Print version (Hardcover) 30 €

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Going Astray, Being Adrift, Coming to Nothing

ed. by Christoph F. E. Holzhey and Arnd Wedemeyer
Cultural Inquiry, 24
Berlin: ICI Berlin Press, 2022

Open Access

Today’s critical discourses and theorizing vanguards agree on the importance of getting lost, of failure, of erring — as do life coaches and business gurus. The taste for a departure from progress and other teleologies, the fascination with disorder, unfocused modes of attention, or improvisational performances cut across wide swaths of scholarly and activist discourses, practices in the arts, but also in business, warfare, and politics.

Print version (Paperback) 14 €
Print version (Hardcover) 29 €

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Poetry, Community, brTranslation

Poetry, Community,

brHere, Now, and Hereafter


Here, Now, and Hereafter

Esther brLeslie


These Tears, This Gas, These Turbulent Times