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After brJoyce


Rethinking Contemporary Irish Literature in Europe

Reading and Discussion, 7 Oct 2022, 19:00

The year 2022 marks the centenary of the publication of James Joyce’s Ulysses, but also the 50th anniversary of Ireland's formal approvement to enter the European Economic Community. The event will delve into the works of contemporary Irish authors Nuala O'Connor and Adrian Duncan, the relationship between Irish and European literature, and the relationship between Irish literature and Europe as a cultural, transnational, and plurilinguistic site. 

With Nuala O’Connor and Adrian Duncan

Organized by Laura Scuriatti and Annalisa Volpone

This is an event organized by Bard College Berlin and the Centre for European Modernism Studies (CEMS) at the University of Perugia in cooperation with the ICI Berlin and with the support of the Jan Michalski Foundation and the Embassy of Ireland.

Public Livestream available
In-person: Registration required

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Worlding Art History brthrough Syllabi

Worlding Art History
through Syllabi

Workshop, 10-11 Oct 2022, 10:00-14:00

The recent ‘global turn’ in art history and curatorial practice has prompted the question of how to reflect this through pedagogy. The workshop Worlding Art History through Syllabi takes up the notion of ‘worlding’ to explore how art history is taught in different places and institutions around the world.

Organized by the Heidelberg University team of Worlding Public Cultures: The Arts and Social Innovation in collaboration with Ming Tiampo (WPC / Carleton University) and Birgit Hopfener (WPC / Carleton University), in cooperation with ICI Berlin.

In-person: Registration required

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Beyond the World as Picture: Worlding and Becoming the Whole World

Book Presentation & Lecture, 10 Oct 2022, 18:00

18:00 Launch of the publication series ‘Worlding Public Cultures: The Arts and Social Innovation’
Carine Zaayman in conversation with Wesley C. Hogan (in person and online)

19:00 Lecture by Pheng Cheah (online)

Part of the Workshop Worlding Art History through Syllabi

Public Livestream available
In-person: Registration required

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Phädras  brEhre


Discussion, 14 Oct 2022, 19:00

Verliebt sein als philosophischer Zustand. Eros als anthropologischer Code innerhalb und jenseits der Geschlechterspaltung. Phädra, ‘die Leuchtende‘ – geboren im Griechenland der Antike und zu Hause im Theater der Welt – verkündet über die Jahrhunderte hinweg ihre tiefgründige Liebeslehre.

Organisiert von Agnese Grieco
Ein ICI Event in Kooperation mit Matthes & Seitz

öffentlicher Livestream 
In-person: Registrierung erforderlich

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Politics of brNature

Politics of

Philosophical Perspectives on the Anthropocene

Conference, 20-21 Oct 2022, 10 00 - 20:00

It is obvious that human forms of life have affected the earth system to such an extent that one has to consider the possibility that a new geological age has emerged. More importantly, the severe changes underway in this new age, often called the ‘Anthropocene’, seem to undermine the very conditions of survival on this planet.

Included Events:
Lecture, Slavoj Žižek, 20 Oct 2022, 18:30 (fully booked)
Discussion, What is to be done?, 21 Oct 2022, 18:00

Organized by Thomas Khurana
An event of the Department of Philosophy & the Center for Post-Kantian Philosophy (University of Potsdam) in cooperation with the ICI Berlin, supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

Public livestream available
In-person: Registration required

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Vom Glück 
brder Sprachen

Vom Glück 

der Sprachen

Discussion 25 Oct 2022, 19:00
Das Glück der Sprachen ist keine allgemeine oder unmittelbare menschliche Erfahrung. Wenn man nicht verstanden wird oder den anderen nicht versteht, weil es so viele verschiedene Sprachen gibt, lässt einen das eher verzweifeln.

Mit Maike Albath, Markus Messling und Jürgen Trabant

öffentlicher Livestream
In-person: Registrierung erforderlich

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Aktivismus und brWissenschaft heute

Aktivismus und
Wissenschaft heute

Mit Armin Nassehi und Eva von Redecker

Discussion, 27 Oct 2022, 19:30

Während Aktivist*innen aller Richtungen die Wissenschaft als selbstverständliche Arena ihres Engagements betrachten oder wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse zur Durchsetzung ihrer Anliegen in Dienst nehmen wollen, wähnen andere die Wissenschaftsfreiheit oder gar das freie Wort überhaupt in Gefahr.

Organisiert von Patrick Eiden-Offe
Eine Veranstaltung des ZfL in Kooperation mit dem ICI Berlin

In-person: Registrierung erforderlich

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The Case for 

The Case for 


Book Presentation & Discussion, 28 Oct 2022, 19:00

The ICI Berlin with its 2020-22 cohort of fellows is pleased to present the first publication to come out of its core project ‘Reduction’, launched in autumn 2020.

The Case for Reduction suspends anti-reductionist reflexes to focus on the experiences and practices of different kinds of reduction within and across different fields and approaches — from the sciences, technology, and the arts, to feminist, queer, and decolonial approaches.

Public livestream available
In-person: Registration required

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The ICI Berlin is an independent research centre located in Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg. For our core project Reduction, we are looking for a responsible, reliable, and committed Research Coordinator (50 %).

The ICI Berlin’s core project explores the critical potentials of notions and practices of ‘reduction’, within and across different fields and approaches, from the sciences, technology, and the arts to feminist, queer, and decolonial approaches, inquiring in particular into the transversality of different economies of reduction and production, and into possibilities of escaping them. For a more detailed description, please see the project and its current focus Models.

Deadline: 14 October 2022

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Going Astray, Being Adrift, Coming to Nothing

ed. by Christoph F. E. Holzhey and Arnd Wedemeyer
Cultural Inquiry, 24
Berlin: ICI Berlin Press, 2022

Open Access

Today’s critical discourses and theorizing vanguards agree on the importance of getting lost, of failure, of erring — as do life coaches and business gurus. The taste for a departure from progress and other teleologies, the fascination with disorder, unfocused modes of attention, or improvisational performances cut across wide swaths of scholarly and activist discourses, practices in the arts, but also in business, warfare, and politics.

Print version (Paperback) 14 €
Print version (Hardcover) 29 €

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brHere, Now, and Hereafter


Here, Now, and Hereafter

Haunted brby Homes

by Homes

Naming brTouch