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Rethinking Lyric brCommunities

Rethinking Lyric

Workshop, 5 Jul 2022, 14:00

Across different epochs and cultural traditions, lyric poetry manifests peculiar ways of making its language and forms shareable and emerges as a privileged site to explore models of community and their politics. By bringing the investigation of historical poetic communities into dialogue with recent developments in the theory of the lyric, this workshop will explore the lyric, in its longer history and transnational features, as a discursive mode that may offer alternative models of community formation.

Organized by Irene Fantappiè, Francesco Giusti, and Laura Scuriatti. In cooperation with ICI Berlin, Bard College Berlin, and EXC Temporal Communities of FU Berlin. With the support of the Oxford-Berlin Research Partnership

In-person: Registration required

Poetry, Community, brTranslation

Poetry, Community,

Staged Reading & Discussion, 5 Jul 2022, 19:00

Poetry can unite and estrange us. In this event, poets and translators Vahni Anthony Capildeo, Christian Hawkey and Daniel Tiffany, will read a selection of their poetry and offer their reflections on the proximity and alienation of other people’s voices or even one’s own; on the sense of never quite being at home in language; and on the potential of poetry to open up not only habitable and shareable spaces but also haunted and unbridgeable distances.

Part of the event Rethinking Lyric Communities

Public Livestream available
In-person: Registration required

Managing Editor
ICI Berlin Press

ICI Berlin Press is looking for a
part-time Managing Editor to coordinate and oversee all its workflows and procedures.

ICI Berlin Press is a small, non-profit publisher venturing beyond the confines of traditional publishing to promote new knowledges, diverse voices, and radical lines of questioning. It explores new modes for the distribution of scholarly, activist, and artistic knowledge, making full use of novel possibilities afforded by digitization and decentralized printing options, facilitating a global distribution of its titles in print. It is committed to making its books available OpenAccess in multiple electronic formats (html, pdf, epub) whenever possible.

Please send your application (cover letter, CV, and relevant certificates) by 
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To ensure consideration, applications should reach the ICI Berlin by 5 July 2022

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Openness in Medieval Europe

Openness in
Medieval Europe

ed. by Manuele Gragnolati and Almut Suerbaum
Cultural Inquiry, 23
Berlin: ICI Berlin Press, 2022

Open Access

This volume challenges the persistent association of the Middle Ages with closure and fixity. Bringing together a range of disciplines and perspectives, it identifies and uncovers forms of openness which are often obscured by modern assumptions, and demonstrates how they coexist with, or even depend upon, enclosure and containment in paradoxical and unexpected ways. Explored through notions such as porosity, vulnerability, exposure, unfinishedness, and inclusivity, openness turns out to permeate medieval culture, unsettling boundaries, binaries, and clear-cut distinctions.

Print version (Paperback) 17 €
Print version (Hardcover) 32 €

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Feminicide and Violence brAgainst Women

Feminicide and Violence
Against Women

Intersectionality brand its Critics

and its Critics

Postcolonial-Queer-Feminist Perspectives
Fernando brCastrillon


Freud’s Seduction: The California Dream and a Future Psychoanalysis