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Launching: ICI Berlin Press Newsletter

The ICI Berlin Press newsletter focuses on news and highlights from the publishing house. These include the latest releases and upcoming books, as well as providing access to the back catalogue of ICI Berlin Press. It will be disseminated a few times a year.


Cultural Inquiry
The series ‘Cultural Inquiry’ is dedicated to exploring how diverse cultures can be brought into fruitful rather than pernicious confrontation.
The Case for Reduction book cover

The Case for Reduction

ed. by Christoph F. E. Holzhey and Jakob Schillinger
Cultural Inquiry, 25
ICI Berlin Press, 2022

Critical discourse hardly knows a more devastating charge against theories, technologies, or structures than that of being reductive. Yet, expansion and growth cannot fare any better today. This volume suspends anti-reductionist reflexes to focus on the experiences and practices of different kinds of reduction, their generative potentials, ethics, and politics. Can their violences be contained and their benefits transported to other contexts?

Paperback 16 €
Hardcover 30 €

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Errans book cover


Going Astray, Being Adrift, Coming to Nothing

ed. by Christoph F. E. Holzhey and Arnd Wedemeyer
Cultural Inquiry, 24
ICI Berlin Press, 2022

The taste for a departure from progress and other teleologies, the fascination with disorder, unfocused modes of attention, or improvisational performances cut across wide swaths of scholarly and activist discourses, practices in the arts — yet also in business, warfare, and politics.

Paperback 14 €
Hardcover 29 €

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Worlding Public Cultures
The new series ‘Worlding Public Cultures’ aims to investigate the global dimensions of contemporary culture through the concept of ‘worlding’, an understanding of the world generated through continuous processes of world-making. The series will be comprised of numerous further volumes released over the next two years, with four different categories that include ‘Troubling Public Cultures: Case Studies’, ‘WPC Academies’, 'Companions for Thinking and Doing: Practice’, and ‘Worlding Ideas’.
Anarchival Practices book cover

Anarchival Practices

The Clanwilliam Arts Project as Re-imagining Custodianship of the Past

by Carine Zaayman
Worlding Public Cultures, 1
ICI Berlin Press, 2023

Where is the past? It is not really behind us, but with us, constantly imagined and re-imagined in public discourse through historical narrations. Using the Clanwilliam Arts Project as a case study, this volume is founded on the ‘anarchive’, a conceptual constellation that positions the past in relation to the present, bringing into view strategies to facilitate remembering beyond the colonial archive.

Paperback 10 €

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ICI Berlin Press Back Catalogue

ICI Berlin Press is a non-profit publisher venturing beyond the confines of traditional publishing to promote new knowledges, diverse voices, and radical lines of questioning. It explores new modes for the distribution of scholarly, activist, and artistic knowledge, making full use of novel possibilities afforded by digitization and decentralized printing options, facilitating a global distribution of its titles in print. It is committed to making its books available OpenAccess in multiple electronic formats whenever possible. Founded in 2019, the Press draws inspiration from but does not limit itself to the ongoing research projects of the ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry.

The back catalogue of ICI Berlin Press is available to browse here.

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