Lecture: Laurence Rickels, 14 May 2019, 20:00
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Robert brFletcher 

Robert Fletcher
Can the Posthuman Speak?

Lecture, 9 May 2019, 19:30

What are the implications of the increasingly popular ‘posthumanist’ and ‘new materialist’ perspectives challenging human privileges in research and political action by claiming agency for a range of non-human entities, animate or otherwise?

Organized by Y. Ariadne Collins
KV The Ontological Turn

The Ontological

Workshop, 9 May 2019, 14:00 - 17:00

Unfortunately the workshop is fully booked.

Organized by Y. Ariadne Collins

Laurence brRickels

Laurence Rickels
Critique of Fantasy

Lecture, 14 May 2019, 20:00

With George Lucas’s Star Wars, we entered the Heimat of blockbusters, which lies in the borderlands of the fantasy and science fiction genres folding out of and staggering a contest that J. R. R. Tolkien inaugurated in the 1930s around his introduction of a new or renewed genre.

The lecture is part of the series Psychoanalytic and Cultural Theory.
John David brRhodes

John David Rhodes
The Prop and its Properties

ICI Lecture, 20 May 2019, 19:30

The prop begs questions of scale, ambience, contingency, commodification, objecthood, and narration. In the context of narrative cinema, props seem as necessary as actors, sets, and locations.

The lecture is part of the current ICI Lecture Series ERRANS, environ/s.

Milieus brof Minutiae

of Minutiae

Conference, 23 - 24 May 2019

As new technologies gradually rendered the invisible world available to human perception, the tiny and minor, the minute and infinitesimal gained new importance in literature, philosophy, mathematics, natural sciences, and medicine.

Keynotes by Hans-Jörg Rheinberger and Marianne Schuller

An ICI Event organized by Elizabeth Brogden, Christiane Frey, and Ulla Haselstein, in cooperation with the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Freie Universität Berlin, generously supported by the Thyssen Foundation

Werner brBohleber

Werner Bohleber

Über Brüche in der Theoriebildung

Die Katastrophen des 20. Jahrhunderts mit ihren langen Nachwirkungen können nicht angemessen verstanden werden, ohne die Erfahrungsgeschichte spezifischer Generationen miteinzubeziehen. In seinem Vortrag versucht Werner Bohleber zum Verständnis der psychoanalytischen Theoriebildung in Deutschland nach 1945 beizutragen.

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Eine Veranstaltung des Berliner Psychoanalytischen Instituts (Karl-Abraham-Institut) in Kooperation mit dem ICI Berlin.

Eintritt 10 €, ermäßigt 5 €


An Errant Glossary


Luca Di Blasi
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